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Contact Person Branches Telephone
Dr. Dreier Fission product and core melt behaviour in the containment, Probabilistic safety analyses 0221/2068-667
Mr. Harms-Suntrop Manager project sponsorship administration, EU contact point EURATOM 0221/2068-723
Ms. Jachtner Project sponsorship administration, Controlling and sponsorship legislation 0221/2068-626
Dr. Kettern Reactor physics and fuel rod behavior, processes during core degradation in the reactor pressure vessel 0221/2068-721
Ms. Meyer Reporting system 0221/2068-677
Mr. Mohr Material properties, material behaviour; non destructive Evaluation methods 0221/2068-727
Dr. Möller Impact on components 0221/2068-787
Ms. Rakowitsch Thermal-hydraulics during transients and loss-of-coolant accidents 0221/2068-758
Dr. Stummeyer Division Head, Human Factor, Software Reliability; International cooperation of BMWi 0221/2068-720
Mr. Weinriefer Containment thermal-hydraulics/hydrogen distribution, combustion and countermeasures 0221/2068-615
Mr. Zingler Assistent international co-operation of BMWi, Project sponsorship administration 0221/2068-726
Mr. Zipper Project management of decommissioning, dismantling and waste management of nuclear test facilities 0221/2068-706

Visiting and delivery address
Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH
Schwertnergasse 1
50667 Cologne

Postal address
Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH
Postfach 10 15 64
50455 Cologne

Ms.Utsch, 0221/2068-725