(GRS 159) Das Programmpaket EMOS - Ein Instrumentarium zur Analyse der Langzeitsicherheit von Endlagern

Dieter Buhmann

The computer code package EMOS is used to assess the long-term safety of final repositories for radioactive and chemical toxic waste. It can be applied to various types of repositories in salt, granite, or other formations. The package consists of several modules,which describe the release of contaminants from the near field, the transport through the geosphere and the transport in the biosphere. Further modules are implemented for probabilistic calculations using the Monte-Carlo technique.
The report gives an overview of the actual state of the development of the computer code package. The modules, the graphical interfaces for program handling, and the possibilities for tabular and graphical output are described. Furthermore, the quality
assurance measures are documented, e.g. the procedures for the characterisation of program versions and for the management of program changes.