(GRS 170) Evaluation of Human Reliability on the Basis of Operational Experience

Oliver Sträter

This dissertation was conducted at the Society for Systems and Reactor Safety, Inc. [GRS – Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit], on the basis of project RS 872 of the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology [BMBF], entitled “Development of Methodological Foundations and Computation Programs for Probabilistic Safety Analyses”. A central problem in the evaluation of human reliability is represented by the fact that the data needed for the evaluation procedure have thus far been incomplete and have been inadequately validated. Practical experience in the form of error events does constitute a source that thus far has not been used in a systematic manner and is suitable for solving this data problem. The objective of this dissertation was to develop a method for the evaluation of events with a view to the human factor and to make the practical experience contained in events useful in terms of qualitative and quantitative evaluations of human reliability.