(GRS 231) Modelling of Field-Scale Pollutant Transport

Eckhard Fein, Klaus-Peter Kröhn

Both software packages d3f and r3t are suited for the modelling of field-scale problems in density-driven flow and pollutant transport, respectively. Both utilise the most advanced numerical algorithms like adaptive grids controlled by a-posteriori error estimators,
multigrid techniques, and can be run on workstations, PC-clusters, and massively parallel computers. The objective of this project was to demonstrate the manageability and the validity of both codes.
To this end four different test cases were modelled applying a large part of the capabilities of d3f and r3t. For instance the test cases were concerned with modelling of almost stagnant flow regimes, of pH-dependent adsorption, of non-constant degradation rates
as function of other pollutants. In one case stochastic flow modelling was required. Nevertheless each test case demanded both flow and transport modelling.