(GRS 255) FUNMIG - Fundamental Processes of Radionuclide Migration in Salt Rock Far Field

Ulrich Noseck

The results presented in this report are mainly based on the work performed within the Research and Technology Development Component (RTDC) 5 “Processes and transport studies relevant for salt rock disposal concepts“ of the Integrated Project “Fundamental processes of radionuclide migration” (FUNMIG). This report firstly gives a brief overview on the whole integrated project FUNMIG and highlights some major results before describing in detail the work and results from RTDC 5.
The FUNMIG project in general dealt with all aspects of radionuclide migration from a deep geological radioactive waste repository to the biosphere and the application of the results to the safety case /BUC 10/. The project focussed on radionuclide migration processes in the far field of a nuclear waste repository. This included investigations on basic processes applicable to all types of host rock and disposal concepts as well as investigations on key issues for the three host-rock types clay, crystalline and salt presently investigated in Europe. In case of the salt-option the overburden of the salt formation itself is considered to represent the so-called far field. Hence migration processes in such sedimentary formations have been addressed.