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GRS Academy

At GRS, internal and external training take place under the umbrella of the GRS Academy. Our knowledge-based society, the generation change currently taking place in nuclear engineering and the increasing lack of technically trained and competent junior experts call for measures to maintain the technical competence of authorities and research and expert organisations alike. To preserve knowledge and experience, it is necessary to have an intensive exchange in which experts pass on their technical competence.

With the GRS Academy, GRS is encouraging such an exchange. Seminars on offer deal with the topics of reactor engineering, reactor safety, radiation protection, and nuclear fuel supply and waste management.

Internal and external further training

Both the trainee programme of GRS and the internal training modules of GRS offer graduates from higher-education courses in nuclear engineering as well as newly recruited staff the opportunity to receive further training within GRS − additional to their regular on-the-job training.
Special seminars tailored for staff from the nuclear licensing and supervisory authorities of the federal government and the Länder form the external branch of further training at the GRS Academy. These seminars are conducted by internal and external specialists.