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Students and graduates: Internships, dissertations, doctorates

We employ people with a wide range of educational backgrounds and from a variety of specialist fields - such as science, engineering or law. You will work at GRS as a scientist, consultant or in administration.
You can find out what our day-to-day work looks like and which topics are of interest to us in

  • an internship or student job
  • during a final thesis (Bachelor, Master or Diploma) or
  • a doctoral thesis at one of our four locations.

Internship at GRS

An internship or a student job can be an opportunity to start your career or help you choose the right profession or employer. GRS offers many exciting topics and people that you can get to know during your internship or part-time student job.
We offer internships and positions for working students for students from a wide range of disciplines - e.g. physics, geology, chemistry, physics, engineering sciences, law. The internships are designed to last a maximum of three months.

Thesis at GRS

Students of a Bachelor's or Master's degree course or a diploma degree course can write their final thesis in cooperation with GRS. As the central specialist organisation in the field of nuclear safety and disposal, GRS supervises final theses dealing with the topics of nuclear safety, disposal as well as radiation and environmental protection.

Doctorate at GRS

On average, GRS supervises three students for their doctoral theses at a time. We involve the doctoral students in GRS's professional work and provide them with our infrastructure, such as the geoscientific laboratory in Braunschweig. This enables them to work on scientific questions with high practical relevance and to participate directly in the further development of the state of the art in science and technology.

How do I apply to GRS?

Would you like to apply directly? - Then please send us your complete application documents - consisting of cover letter, curriculum vitae and (work) certificates - by e-mail or post. If you cannot find a suitable vacancy on our website, please feel free to send us an unsolicited application.
If you have any questions about any of the topics we offer, please feel free to contact us by karriere [at] (e-mail).