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ETSON Summer Workshop of the Junior Staff Programme

The Summer Workshop is a training workshop for junior employees working in the nuclear field. This annual workshop is organised by the Junior Staff Programme (JSP) of the European Technical Safety Organisation Network (ETSON). In addition to the technical content, the Workshop offers the opportunity to get to know the participants, and the different safety organisations and their partners. The experts at the workshop are representatives from the ETSON organisations and their partners.

Target audience and participation requirements

The workshop is aimed at young professionals and trainees of technical safety organisations (TSO). The participants should have basic knowledge of reactor physics and reactor technology, and should contact their respective safety organisation as regards their participation. The workshop participation is free of charge. Participants or their institutions bear the costs for board and lodging.

Information on ETSON

In 2006, the technical safety organisations of France (IRSN), Germany (GRS) and Belgium (Bel V) have founded the European TSO network (ETSON). The main objective of ETSON is to promote improved cooperation among the European TSOs in the field of nuclear safety. An important measure here is the maintenance of knowledge and expertise by establishing common education and training programmes, like the ETSON Summer Workshop.