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Working at GRS
GRS is Germany’s central expert institution in the field of nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. Its technical, engineering and scientific staff carry out research and surveys in the fields of reactor safety, waste management and radiation protection – topics being relevant today and in the future. In this respect, GRS is increasingly active internationally. In order to continue developing its competences, GRS is looking, in particular, for engineers and physicists with relevant educational background.
GRS offers interesting and varied tasks for both new entrants and experienced professionals. For dealing with these tasks, a wealth of knowledge and experience is required. Accordingly, new employees receive basic and advanced training in the Trainee Programme or through Training Modules at the GRS Academy.

Identifying and exploiting opportunities
GRS offers its employees a wide range of opportunities to face challenges in the national and international environment. GRS
• participates in the national and international exchange of experiences,
• co-operates with many foreign institutions,
• is involved in numerous activities of international organisations, and
• operates, together with its French partner IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire), the joint subsidiary RISKAUDIT in Paris with an office in Kiev.