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Information Security

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GRS is a technical and scientific research and expert organisation. When assessing and working on the improvement of the safety of technical systems and installations, GRS relies to a great extent on information and communication technology (IT). The protection of information provided by our customers and partners is as important to us as the protection of our own know-how.
Information comes in in many different forms. This may include electronically stored or transmitted data as well as information on paper. The security of our company data and IT systems as well as of the information provided to us by our business partners is therefore pivotal to all business processes at GRS.
The choice of technical and organizational measures is based not only on the requirement to comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations but also on the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for an information security management system.

IT Security

IT security is part of GRS's information security management system which is continually adapted to new developments and enhanced. Since 2013, GRS has been a member of the BSI’s Alliance for Cyber Security. The aim of the alliance is to increase cyber security in Germany and to strengthen Germany's resistance to cyber attacks.