The highest safety requirements must be met for the operation and disposal of commercial nuclear power stations and research reactors, also in the phase-out process. Here, the necessary competence required for this in the fields of reactor safety and repository research must be ensured also in future. Research projects are performed within an international framework, including the exchange of scientific findings. Therefore, the BMWi promotes corresponding R&D projects on fundamental issues..." (excerpt from the 2008 Federal Budget).

For this purpose, the reactor safety research provides improved knowledge and methods for the realistic safety assessment of nuclear installations and gives ideas for the further development in the field of safety technology.

Main task of the Project Management Agency / Authority Support (PT R) is the technical and administrative management of the projects sponsored by the BMWi. Since 1978, the Research Management Division of GRS has been acting as a project management agency. At the beginning of 1978, GRS became authorised project management agency. By this, the BMWi delegated its responsibility to take decisions on the allowance of grants autonomously, to render the official grant decision and to grant contracts for the projects to be performed within annual financial and administrative frames to the project management agency. As regards the sponsoring of GRS projects, it is solely the BMWi who takes decisions, with the Research Management Division providing technical assistance.

On the one hand, the task of the project management agency is giving advice to the BMWi on topical scientific-technical developments in the field of reactor safety research and the participation in the planning and follow-up of the main subjects of sponsoring. On the other hand, the project management agency initiates individual projects, gives advice to the applicants, assesses individual applications, manages the current projects with regard to technical questions and administration, assesses and disseminates the research results. Regarding the scientific-technical contents of research projects and their priority, the project management agency is advised by independent project committees consisting of leading experts from German research institutions.