The completion of the Temelín plant near the German border raised various safety-related questions. Over a period of several years, GRS worked on the safety assessment of the Temelín NPP.

The safety of two NPPs on both sides of the German-Czech border, namely the Isar NPP and the Temelín NPP, was discussed within the German-Czech Commission that was set up in 1990 and is headed by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Czech Nuclear Regulatory Authority SÚJB.

Past national and international analyses of nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 reactors have already shown up numerous deficits and the need for comprehensive improvement. The main generic findings of these analyses were summarised in an IAEA report in 1996.
The BMU and the Bavarian State Government ordered GRS to update the general assessment of the safety status of the Temelín nuclear power plant with regard to the known safety deficiencies of the standard VVER-1000 and to analyse five selected safety issues. These investigations covered seven of the eleven most important safety issues indicated in the IAEA report.

It was not the task of GRS to make statements on the licensability of the plant. Neither was it the task of GRS to check whether the individual measures affecting the Czech nuclear licensing procedure and the plant-internal measures were implemented in accordance with the requirements. The execution of the licensing procedure and the supervision of the fulfilment of all licensing conditions lies solely within the responsibility of the authorities in charge of nuclear safety in the Czech Republic.

On 5 September 2000 a bilateral German-Czech meeting of BMU/BStMLU and SÚJB took place at which the results of the GRS assessment were explained. These results and additional statements on further comments are presented in the report on the Temelín NPP.

Further information (available only in German)

To see or download the "Executive summary of the results of the in-depth GRS assessment of selected safety issues relating to the Temelín NPP of August 15, 2000, including supplements of October 25, 2000" as a PDF-file, please click here.