Happy birthday RISKAUDIT!


Only a few months after its 40th anniversary, GRS has yet another reason to celebrate: Its subsidiary RISKAUDIT turns 25. The company, which has its headquarters in Paris, was founded jointly in 1992 by GRS and its French partner, the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), with the underlying vision of bundling the scientific expertise of the two parent organisations and making use of it in joint European projects. Shortly after the political turnaround the focus was above all on promoting nuclear safety in the countries of central and eastern Europe. In the 25 years since then, RISKAUDIT has developed into a globally acting organisation, supporting licensing and supervisory authorities worldwide with its expertise.

Main fields of work of RISKAUDIT

Among the main tasks of RISKAUDIT are the acquisition, coordination and contract management of projects sponsored by the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and development (EBRD), and national regulatory authorities. The topic areas in which RISKAUDIT is active cover all relevant areas of nuclear safety, radioactive waste management, and radiation protection. Here, the concrete demand reaches from the preparation of expert opinions on safety-related issues and the provision of advice and assistance in the development of national regulations up to the training of personnel and the transfer of know-how for authorities.

Thanks to the fact that RISKAUDIT is closely linked up with a large number of technical safety organisations (TSOs) like GRS, the company is in a position to form bespoke international teams of experts for the respective demands of individual projects and thereby to ensure independent advice based on the state of the art in science and technology. Here, the highly-developed competences in the area of project management play a special role. The long-standing experience of RISKAUDIT guarantees that even complex projects where numerous organisations from different countries are involved will be managed efficiently.

The past 25 years

In the past 25 years, RISKAUDIT has worked on more than 250 projects in a large variety of countries and brought together around 1,000 experts from the EU and from central and eastern Europe in the course. RISKAUDIT now has ties with more than 60 partner organisations in Europa, America, Asia and North Africa. A brochure that has been published on the occasion of the anniversary gives a detailed survey of the work of RISKAUDIT and the milestones of the company's 25-year-long commitment to nuclear safety.

Happy Birthday RISKAUDIT!

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