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The EUROSAFE Forum is an international specialist conference for nuclear safety. Each year since 1999, GRS organises the EUROSAFE Forum together with its partner institutions.

Participants and topics of the EUROSAFE Forum

Representatives of scientific-technical expert and research organisations, authorities, the nuclear industry and non-governmental organisations from all over the world meet to discuss the current developments in the fields of reactor safety, final disposal, radiation protection and safe enclosure of nuclear material. Apart from the first day plenary lectures, especially the seminars on the second day provide the opportunity of a more in-depth knowledge exchange. 

EUROSAFE – European initiative for nuclear safety

The EUROSAFE Initiative is an international network for the discussion of safety -relevant issues from the nuclear field. It consists of representatives of several national licensing and supervisory authorities and their TSOs. The current members of EUROSAFE are:

  • AMEC (United Kingdom)
  • Bel V (Belgium)
  • CSN (Spain)
  • CV REZ (Czech Republic)
  • EK (Hungary), GRS (Germany)
  • ANVS (The Netherlands)
  • INRNE BAS (Bulgaria)
  • IRSN (France)
  • NRA (Japan)
  • JSI (Slovenia)
  • LEI (Lithuania)
  • PSI (Switzerland)
  • SSM (Sweden)
  • SEC NRS (Russia)
  • SSTC NRS (Ukraine)
  • VTT (Finland)
  • VUJE (Slovakia)

Furthermore, EUROSAFE has three working groups for technical co-operation: Safety Assessment Guidelines, Research Needs, and Knowledge Management. Technically and as regards content, the EUROSAFE Initiative is guided by the Programme Committee (EPC).

Program and registration for the EUROSAFE Forum 2019

The upcoming EUROSAFE Forum will take place on 4th to 5th November 2019 in Cologne, Germany. Further information about the program and registration is available on the EUROSAFE website.