Experts discuss simulations of the severe accident behaviour of reactor components


From 5 to 7 February 2018, the COSSAL workshop will take place in Cologne. The topic of the workshop is the simulation of the behaviour of metallic components in nuclear power plants during a severe accident.
The abbreviation COSSAL stands for "Components and Structures under Severe Accident Loading". This interdisciplinary subject matter concentrates on structure-mechanical aspects, but material-specific and thermal-hydraulic issues are also addressed.

Experts from all around the world are expected at this event, which is organised by GRS and the OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA).

Strain distribution in the analysis model of a PWR cooling system loop during a high-pressure meltdown scenario (calculation with ANSYS Mechanical)

Background and objectives of the workshop

The OECD/NEA's COSSAL activities are to contribute to a better understanding and comparison of structural mechanics analysis methods for integrity assessment. The focus is on the study of the influence of high temperatures, which can occur in a meltdown scenario. For example, questions that researchers face are which of the metallic components in a cooling system will fail first and what uncertainties can arise in assessing component integrity.

As part of the COSSAL activities, an international research team headed by GRS has carried out benchmark calculations for a large-scale experiment at the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) at the University of Stuttgart. The aim was to compare the results of the calculation methods used with the measuring results. This way, the predictive capabilities of the methods regarding the failure of components were to be demonstrated. The researchers will also present their findings on thematically related issues at the upcoming COSSAL workshop. After the lectures, there will be time and room for discussion and an exchange of experience.


Anyone interested can register using the event's registration form. The registration fee is 150 euros.

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