AER Symposium: First Announcement and Call for Papers


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The 27th Symposium of AER will be held from 17 to 20 October 2017 in Munich, Germany, organized by GRS. The Symposium continues the series of annual meetings of the international association “Atomic Energy Research” on VVER reactor physics and safety research. The Symposium is open to participants from AER member organizations as well as from other institutions involved or interested in VVER reactor physics and safety research.

Schedule and Topics of the Symposium

The schedule will be published after the abstracts submission deadline. Papers are requested on the following topics, related to VVER reactor physics and safety:
1.    advances in spectral and core calculation methods,
2.    reactor physics experiments and code validation (benchmarks),
3.    fuel management issues,
4.    core surveillance and monitoring,
5.    reactor dynamics and safety analysis,
6.    nuclear applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD),
7.    fuel behaviour in normal conditions,
8.    intermediate storage of spent fuel, decommissioning and radwaste
9.    spent fuel disposal and actinide transmutation

Additionally, progress reports of the AER working groups will be presented. The working language of the Symposium and of the papers is English.

Further Information