EUROSAFE Forum 2017: Experts discuss nuclear safety issues in Paris


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The EUROSAFE members invite to the EUROSAFE Forum on 6 and 7 November 2017. This year, the international specialist conference takes place at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris. The EUROSAFE Forum brings together research representatives, expert organisations, authorities and industry to discuss current nuclear safety issues.

Topic: current challenges of nuclear safety

This year’s EUROSAFE Forum deals with topics such as the international harmonisation of nuclear safety standards. Gerassimos Thomas from the European Commission and Hans Wanner, Director General of ENSI and WENRA Chairman, highlight the issue of harmonisation at European level.

Pierre-Franck Chevet, President of the French Nuclear Safety Authority ASN, talks about the nuclear safety challenges facing France in the future. Traditionally, the first day of the event ends with a thematic digression in the form a guest lecture. This year’s guest speaker Antoine Peigney talks about crisis management during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea.

Apart from the first day plenary lectures, especially the seminars on the second day provide the opportunity of a more in-depth knowledge exchange, focusing on current research results in the field of nuclear safety, waste management and disposal, radiation protection and security of nuclear material.

TSO Café, Science Slam and ETSON Award

Following last year’s great success, the TSO Café offers the opportunity to meet representatives of the international Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs). At the stands of the different TSO countries, participants have the opportunity to learn about the activities of the TSOs and talk with colleagues.

Five young scientists present their current research activities in a science slam. The audience and a jury of the ETSON network decide whose project is presented in the most comprehensible, entertaining and concise manner, and announce the winner of the ETSON Award.

Programme and registration

The full programme of the EUROSAFE Forum is available on the EUROSAFE website. Here, you will also find the registration information.

About the EUROSAFE Initiative on nuclear safety

The EUROSAFE Initiative is an international network for the discussion of safety-relevant issues in the nuclear field and is made up of representatives of national licensing and supervisory authorities and their Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs). The current members of EUROSAFE are: Amec Foster Wheeler(United Kingdom), Bel V(Belgium), CSN (Spain), CV REZ (Czech Republic), EK (Hungary), GRS (Germany), ANVS (The Netherlands), INRNE BAS (Bulgaria), IRSN (France), NRA (Japan), JSI (Slovenia), LEI (Lithuania), PSI (Switzerland), SSM (Sweden), SEC NRS (Russia), SSTC NRS (Ukraine), VTT (Finland) and VUJE (Slovakia). Every year, the EUROSAFE Initiative holds the international EUROSAFE Forum conference.
EUROSAFE sind Amec Foster Wheeler (Vereinigtes Königreich), Bel V (Belgien), CSN (Spanien), CV REZ (Tschechische Republik), EK (Ungarn), GRS (Deutschland), ANVS (Die Niederlande), INRNE BAS (Bulgarien), IRSN (Frankreich), NRA (Japan), JSI (Slowenien), LEI (Litauen), PSI (Schweiz), SSM (Schweden), SEC NRS (Russland), SSTC NRS (Ukraine), VTT (Finnland) and VUJE (Slowakei).

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