Ministry of Research awards contract – GRS tasked with nuclear test facility decommissioning, dismantling and disposal project management


Dismantling of the Research Reactor Jülich 1 "Merlin" (© Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen mbH)

Over the coming years, GRS will continue to support the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the "Project management of decommissioning, dismantling and disposal of nuclear test facilities". In this function, GRS examines and evaluates project planning, activities and costs of the decommissioning/disposal projects within the BMBF's area of responsibility. Its portfolio will include both independent controlling and intensive scientific and technical support.

The new contract will run for four years with an optional extension for a further three years. The object of the contract comprises 21 decommissioning, dismantling and disposal projects at the facilities of Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe GmbH, JEN Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen mbH, and the Helmholtz Centres in Geesthacht and Berlin. In addition to various research and prototype reactors, radiological laboratories and the Karlsruhe pilot reprocessing plant, these include facilities for waste treatment and conditioning as well as storage facilities for radioactive waste. 

GRS project management agency

The "Project management of decommissioning, dismantling and disposal of nuclear test facilities" is performed by GRS's own project management agency. Project management agencies support their clients in the planning and implementation of funding measures in the fields of research, innovation, and education. The project management agency of GRS has been successfully active in this field for more than 40 years. It is specialised in funding measures and project management tasks in connection with questions of nuclear safety, decommissioning, and disposal.

On behalf of the BMBF, the project management agency of GRS implements the funding programme "FORKA – Research for the Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities" in addition to the above-mentioned project support. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) has commissioned the project management agency of GRS with the implementation of the funding programme for Reactor Safety Research and with funding research on the impacts of extended storage periods on waste and casks.

In addition, the project management agency of GRS supports its customers in their cooperation with foreign authorities, participates in international organisations and committees, and coordinates the participation of German authorities in international research projects. Also, it acts as German National Contact Point (NCP) EURATOM for the field of nuclear technology and reactor safety and is responsible for the co-ordination of the NCP EURATOM programme. 

The interim and final reports of the projects managed or supported by GRS are for the most part freely available and can be downloaded (in German language) from the sources mentioned below.

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