Where to put hazardous waste? – International workshop on underground disposal in Braunschweig


More than 100 participants from 15 different countries meet in Braunschweig on 30 November 2010 for an international workshop on the underground disposal of hazardous chemical waste. The workshop is conducted by Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS).

The disposal of hazardous chemical waste poses a serious challenge to many threshold and developing countries. It is not least due to lacking know-how that the waste is often either stored under unsafe conditions on site or that it is shipped to industrialised nations. One objective of the workshop is therefore to present the experience gathered in around 40 years of underground disposal as well as from research and development and to offer these countries suggestions for the development of their own disposal concepts.


The current situation in the countries concerned is similar to the one in Germany and other European countries at the beginning of the1970s. It was only a growing environmental awareness and the concern about possible health effects that led to the development of the concept of underground disposal of hazardous waste in these countries. Even though there is still a need for safety-oriented research and development, this concept is today considered internationally to be a particularly safe way to keep hazardous waste permanently away from man and the environment.


With lectures dealing with site selection criteria, long-term safety assessment, waste characterisation and waste conditioning and with a panel discussion, the workshop is to show up the chances and the risks of underground disposal and provide the opportunity for discussion, especially with a view to a possible implementation of this disposal concept in other countries.
The programme and further information are available on the GRS website: http://www.grs.de/en/content/workshop-underground-disposal-hazardous-waste


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