EUROSAFE Forum 2007 Berlin


This year, the general topic of the EUROSAFE Forum on 5 - 6 November 2007 in Berlin is “Securing Nuclear Safety in Future Years”. In plenary presentations, a panel discussion also involving the audience, in a workshop and in topic-specific seminars, authorities, technical safety organisations and industry present their positions from their points of view. In this way, EUROSAFE wants to promote a common understanding in Europe in issues relating to nuclear safety.

On the first day, after the plenary presentations, a panel discussion with seven international experts deals with the topic “Which are the challenges to be faced for securing nuclear safety in future years? How should they be addressed?”

The second day begins with a workshop on the feedback of operating experience in Europe followed by three parallel seminars in which European experts present and discuss current work in the following fields:

- Nuclear installation safety and research
- Environment and radiation protection
- Nuclear material and nuclear facilities security



The general aim of EUROSAFE is to foster the harmonisation of technical nuclear safety practices in Europe. To this end, EUROSAFE provides technical safety organisations (TSOs), research institutions, safety authorities, power utilities, industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations – mainly from the European Union and from Central and Eastern European countries – and international organisations with a platform for the presentation of recent analyses and results from R&D in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection, for sharing experiences, exchange of opinions and for discussions. The aim is to win the relevant reactor safety and radiation protection organisations over to the objectives of EUROSAFE.

The content-related management is the task of a programme committee composed of seven European reactor safety and radiation protection organisations: AVN (Association Vinçotte Nuclear - Belgium), CSN (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear - Spain), GRS (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit - Germany), HSE (Health and Safety Executive - United Kingdom), IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire - France), SKI (Statens Kärnkraftinspektion- Sweden) and VTT (Technical Research Centre - Finland).


The idea of EUROSAFE was jointly developed by GRS and IRSN. The first EUROSAFE Forum in Paris in 1999 was a concrete step for its realisation. Other venues of the forum were Cologne, Berlin and Brussels. Among the conferences in Europe, EUROSAFE has become an established event that is very well received in the expert community.

Since May 2006, another concrete step has been taken in realising the idea of EUROSAFE: the foundation of the European TSO Network (ETSON) by AVN, GRS and IRSN which is supported by the other partners in the EUROSAFE programme committee CSN, HSE, SKI and VTT.


The network is also open to other European TSOs. The aims of the network are
- to promote a European scientific-technical TSO network in the field of nuclear safety,
- to provide a forum for the exchange of R&D results and experience in the field of safety assessments,
- to harmonise nuclear safety assessment practices in Europe, and
- to establish initiatives for the definition and implementation of European research programmes.

Cologne, 5 November 2007