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Project Geo-Sys

Source: GRSThe objective of the Geo-Sys project is to determine, by means of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary system analysis, the progress and any activities required in the field of deep geothermal energy to improve availability and efficiency of these systems in the medium term and to increase productivity and acceptance of geothermal power plants.

For the system analysis, first the technical and ecological aspects as well as the protected goods (human health, soil, water, property, etc.), processes and impact factors (emissions, geomechanical events, aspects of occupational safety, etc.) to be considered are identified, and available data analysed and documented.

The work is accompanied by a systematic review of the regulatory framework with regard to geothermal power generation, which consists of acts/ordinances, administrative practice, non-mandatory guidance instruments and guidelines.
The findings from the investigations form the basis for more detailed analyses on geothermal power generation. For this purpose, specific phenomena in certain operating phases are selected. As part of the analysis, both the possible plant states as well as the potential impacts of these plant states on protected goods in the environment are examined. A possible methodological approach could be the probabilistic safety analysis (PSA), which has already been tested and used by GRS in the field of reactor safety research.