Uwe Stoll new technical scientific director of GRS


(Köln, 1.7.2016) With effect from July 1, 2016, the supervisory board of Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH has appointed Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Stoll the new technical and scientific director of GRS. Stoll succeeds Prof. Dr. Frank-Peter Weiß, who left GRS to enter retirement.

In 1985, Uwe Stoll completed his studies of nuclear engineering at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and then worked at the former Technical University of Zittau. Since 1990, his professional career to date included activities for Siemens AG, Framatome Advanced Nuclear Power and finally Areva, for which he held a management position until joining GRS. On the one hand, his work focussed on safety concepts and accident management concepts, generic safety issues as well as on accident analyses for boiling and pressurised water reactors. On the other hand, he dealt with the investigation and assessment of events at nuclear power plants and their commissioning. Since 2004, he has been a member of the Steering Committee of the KTA (Nuclear Safety Standards Commission) and was its chairman from 2009 to 2011. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Committee on Reactor Operation (RB) of the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK), for which he also held the chairmanship. In 2010, he was appointed to the central body of the RSK. Since 2014, he has been the chairman of the Committee on Electrical Installations (EE) of the RSK.

Uwe Stoll is 55 years old, married and father of three children.


About GRS:
GRS is a non-profit technical and scientific research and expert organisation. Its work focuses on nuclear safety and waste management. The shareholders of GRS are the Federal Republic of Germany (46%), the Länder of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria (4% each) and the Technische Überwachungs-Vereine (together 46%). At its company locations in Cologne, Berlin, Braunschweig and Garching, GRS has around 440 staff, among them more than 350 scientists and engineers from various disciplines.

GRS is entirely financed by contracts. GRS’s main customers in Germany are the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Federal Foreign Office (AA), and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). The main international customer is the European Commission.

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