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GRS represented with contributions at international meeting of technical safety organisations in Brussels

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) invites Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs) to the "International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security" in Brussels from 15 to 18 October 2018. This year's conference continues the series of TSO conferences launched by the IAEA in 2007. The event is aimed at representatives from TSO, national authorities, research institutions and industry.

Main topics of the conference

The overarching aim of the conference is to exchange views on various initiatives and methods to maintain and further develop the expertise and performance of TSO in support of national authorities. Within this framework, participants from around 35 countries will deal, for example, with the question of how self-assessments can contribute to the analysis and subsequent improvement of their own technical and scientific capabilities. Other aspects addressed at the conference include TSO's contributions to the ongoing updating and optimisation of IAEA standards and recommendations, TSO's role in improving nuclear safety and radiation protection in non-nuclear technical applications, and further strengthening international cooperation.

The conference programme includes six Topical Sessions with a total of 40 presentations and over 50 poster presentations. The topics of the Topical Sessions range from the exchange of experiences from the cooperation between TSO and authorities to current technical and scientific challenges and communication with the public and stakeholders.

Contributions by GRS

In addition to participating in the conference programme, Uwe Stoll, GRS's technical and scientific director, will chair the thematic group on the TSO's role in official support. Carla Eibl-Schwäger, Head of the International Relations Unit at GRS, will chair the International Cooperation Topic Group. In addition, colleagues from GRS will be represented in Brussels with the following lectures and poster presentations:

Dr. Marina Röwekamp - PSA Lessons Learned from Viewpoint of the ETSON TSOs

Dr. Michael Kund - Support to European Nuclear Regulatory Authorities in the Field of Nuclear Safety

Dr. Martin Sonnenkalb - Current challenges in nuclear safety R&D especially code development

Dr. Selma Kus - Enhancing Emergency Preparedness and Response in Germany

Dr. Judith Flügge - Challenges on the way to Final Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste

Dr. Romain Henry - Neutronics and thermal-hydraulics coupling for simulations of the Triga Mark II reactor - winner of the ETSON-Award.

The results of this year's conference will be published by the IAEA in the form of proceedings.

Background: Tasks of a TSO

The Technical Safety Organisation (TSO) of a Land supports the respective national licensing and supervisory authorities in all scientific and technical issues relating to nuclear safety. As Germany's TSO, GRS advises the Federation in its function as the central technical organisation in the field of nuclear safety, radioactive waste management and radiation protection. In its role as TSO, for example, GRS is commissioned by the Federal Government with short-term expert reports and statements on technical issues as well as with long-term research projects. In addition, GRS frequently represents the Confederation in international committees on behalf of the Confederation.

European TSO network ETSON

Together with the technical safety organisations IRSN (France) and BelV (Belgium), GRS founded the European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON) in 2006. To date, the number of members has grown to 17 organisations (including three authorities from Japan, Russia and the Ukraine as associated members). In addition to scientific cooperation, the goals of the network include the development of shared methods - formulated in Technical Safety Assessment Guides - and the long-term maintenance of competencies.

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