(GRS-S-52) Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities


The decommissioning of nuclear facilities is a challenge which the nuclear countries will need to address. According to information of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of 2011, more than 500 reactors and about 275 nuclear fuel cycle facilities have been fi nally shut down until now. After the end of their operational life, nuclear power plants cannot be left to their own. Since they still may pose a hazard, they have to be decommissioned in an orderly manner to protect man and the environment. The term "decommissioning" refers to all measures carried out after granting of a decommissioning licence for a nuclear facility until offi cial supervision i. e. nuclear regulatory supervision, is no longer necessary. This usually implies removal of all parts of the building and restoration of the site to its original condition in form of the so-called 'green field', as for example in the case of the Niederaichbach nuclear power plant in Germany.