(GRS 294) Radionuclide Inventory of Vitrified Waste after Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing at La Hague

Artur Meleshyn, Ulrich Noseck

The primary aim of the present work was to determine the inventories of the radionuclides and stable elements in vitrified waste produced at La Hague between June 14, 1989 and January 29, 2007 and delivered to Germany, which are of importance for long-term safety analyses of final repositories for radioactive wastes. For a subset of these radionuclides and stable elements, the inventories were determined – either by direct measurements or by involving established correlations – and reported by  AREVA. This allowed verification of the validity of application of a model approach utilizing the data of burnup and activation calculations and auxiliary information on the reprocessing and vitrification process operated at La Hague.