Scientific Codes - Developed and Used at GRS

A. Pautz, K. Velkov, H. Glaeser, M. Sonnenkalb, J. Sievers

The safety analysis for nuclear power plants assesses the performance of the plant against a broad range of operating conditions, postulated initiating events and other circumstances as well as design basis and beyond design basis accidents, in order to obtain a complete understanding of how the plant is expected to perform in these situations and to demonstrate that the plant can be kept within safe operating margins and that accident management measures implemented in the plants are effi cient to limit the consequences.


The capability to perform own deterministic analyses for postulated transients and accidents using sophisticated
computer models is a key integral part of the function of an independent Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority for licensing and oversight on the operation of NPPs. To this purpose, GRS as a Technical Safety Organization of the German Authorities is developing, validating and operating a broad range of Simulation Programs for Transient and Accident Analyses in Nuclear Power Plants.

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