Application process: Successfully applying to GRS

One of our job advertisements appealed to you and you would like to apply for a job with us? Then we look forward to getting to know you! On this page, we have compiled all the important information that is important for you now.

Application checklist

Convince us with your application documents to one of our job vacancies and show us why you would like to work for us. Since we know how enriching diversity is, everyone is welcome here. We are interested in your qualifications, experience and interests. Your application documents should include the following:

678 Forschungsprojekte in 2019

Cover letter

as PDF

678 Forschungsprojekte in 2019

Curriculum vitae

as PDF

678 Forschungsprojekte in 2019

Educational qualification

Proof of the highest degree

678 Forschungsprojekte in 2019

(Work) references

and certificates

In the subject line of the cover letter, please state the identification number mentioned in the job advertisement for which you are applying. If you cannot find a suitable job advertisement on our website, we are also happy to receive unsolicited applications. Please send us your documents in PDF format by e-mail to karriere(at) Please note the data protection information on the handling of your data in the application process in our privacy policy (section 1 b).

Application process

You have sent your application documents and are wondering what to do next? Here we show you the usual procedure at our company. Overall, the process takes an average of six to eight weeks.

The four steps of the application process at GRS
Bewerbungsprozess in der GRS

1. confirmation of receipt

If we have received your application, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt. If not, please contact us.

2. review of the application documents

Your application documents will be examined in detail by colleagues from the Human Resources Department and the respective specialist department. In individual cases, this may take up to four weeks.

3. interview

If your application documents appeal to us, we will invite you to a virtual interview. The interview usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes. In addition to the relevant divisional and/or departmental management, a person from the HR department will be present. If you have convinced us, we will invite you to a personal interview on site, where you will meet your colleagues from the specialist department.

4. employment

After getting to know each other, both you and we were convinced that we should work together? Then we will send you a confirmation of employment. After the internal formalities have been clarified, you will receive your employment contract from us.