(GRS 268) State Variables for Modelling Thermohaline Flow in Rocks

Klaus-Peter Kröhn

Modelling thermohaline flow can easily involve complex physical interactions even if only the basic processes occurring in density-driven flow and heat transport are considered. In the light of these complexities it is of vital importance to know the thermal and hydraulic parameters required for the model and their dependencies as precise as possible. But also for designing a numerical simulator it is useful to know the dependencies of the parameters on the primary variables temperature, pressure and salinity in order to select an appropriate underlying mathematical model.
The present report thus compiles the mathematical formulations for the fluid parameters from the literature. For each parameter the origin, at least one meaningful figure, a comment where necessary and conclusions about the influence of each primary variable on the thermo-hydraulic parameters are given. All required coefficients and auxiliary functions including dimensions are listed, too.