(GRS 400) SITA, Version 0, A simulation and code testing assistant for TOUGH2 and MARNIE

H. Seher, M. Navarro

High quality standards have to be met by those numerical codes that are applied in long-term safety assessments for deep geological repositories for radioactive waste. The soft-ware environment SITA (“a simulation and code testing assistant for TOUGH2 and MARNIE”) has been developed by GRS in order to perform automated regression testing for the flow and transport simulators TOUGH2 and MARNIE. GRS uses the codes TOUGH2 and MARNIE in order to assess the performance of deep geological reposito-ries for radioactive waste. With SITA, simulation results of TOUGH2 and MARNIE can be compared to analytical solutions and simulations results of other code versions. SITA uses data interfaces to operate with codes whose input and output depends on the code version. The present report is part of a wider GRS programme to assure and improve the quality of TOUGH2 and MARNIE. It addresses users as well as administrators of SITA.