Support Software

The ATHLET Program Package comprises a series of auxiliary programs to support both the ATHLET users and the code developers in the application and development of ATHLET.
All programs run under Windows, some of them under Unix and Linux, too.

ATHLET Input Graphics Program
The ATHLET Input Graphics Program (AIG) creates a graphical representation of an ATHLET input data set. It gives support to the examination and documentation of the geometry and nodalization of an input data set. Furthermore, the ATHLET input graphs can be used as a basis for the dynamic visualization of ATHLET results applying the Analysis Simulator ATLAS or the post-processing tool ATLAS-DyVis.

GCSM Input Graphics Program GIG
The GCSM Input Graphics Program generates a graphic representation of the logical structure of a GCSM control signal defined within the ATHLET input data. It is a very useful tool for checking the correctness of the GCSM input data, as well as for documentation purposes.
The GCSM signal graph of an ATHLET simulation model can be used as a basis of the dynamic representation of ATHLET results applying the Analysis Simulator ATLAS or the post-processing tool ATLAS-DyVis.

GCSM (General Control Simulation Module) structures enable the simulation of control and balance-of-plant as well as of simple thermo-fluid dynamic systems. The representation of a reactor control system requires many thousands of single GCSM controllers. The ATHLET GCSM Modeler is a valuable tool which
- enables the graphical interactive modeling of complex control systems by interconnecting symbols of the different GCSM controllers (knowledge base),
- checks the consistency of the knowledge base,
- simulates the functionality of the knowledge base and
- creates GCSM input data for ATHLET calculation.

The ATHLET GCSM Modeler was developed by GRS on the basis of the software SimInTech by 3V-Services, Russia (free run time licence). It substitutes the former GCSM Input Data Generator based on the expert system shell G2 of Gensym, USA, which required a license.

Plotting Programs
AptPlot is the most powerful and flexible plotting and data analysis program running on all common computer platforms. As main features, AptPlot enables:

- Generation of time and locus diagrams
- Utilization of the ATHLET plot header data
- Storage of content and layout of the plots in a Plot Description File (to be reapplied)
- Graphical interactive modification of the plot design

In addition, plots can be created using the plotting programs QUICKPLOT or MS Excel.

The ATLAS-DyVis (Dynamic Visualization) software is the graphic module of the ATLAS Analysis Simulator. It can be applied for the graphical representation of results created by a simulation program like ATHLET (thermo-fluid, heat conduction, control data). Its primary purpose is to display the course of a simulation by dynamic data visualization in animated pictures ('movies'). Selected physical quantities may be depicted as graded colors filling a spatial nodalization scheme, which gives a well grounded survey of the simulation.
In addition, ordinary time plots (trend curves) of all available variables can be generated and saved as trend sets to be reapplied within ATLAS-DyVis or by the ATHLET plotting program JSPLOT.
The operation of ATLAS-DyVis is fully interactive.