(GRS 112) Safety Releated Assessment of the Stendal Nuclear Power Plant, Unit A, of the Type WWER-1000/ W-320

GRS, TÜV et al.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) commissioned the Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH to assess the safety of nuclear power plants, of the WWER-1000/W-320 type, the Stendal Unit A being the reference plant. This safety assessment was conducted jointly in cooperation with the French Institut de Protection et de Surete Nucleaire (ISPN). A joint report is currently being prepared by ISPN and GRS. This report will be based on ISPN's own report and GRS's present safety assessment.
Within the framework of cooperation in the fields of reactor safety and radiation protection relating to the present safety assessment, there were consultations with Russian and Ukrainian experts. On the Russian side, the following institutions participated in the safety assessment: Kurchatov lnstitute for Atomic Energy, Atomenergoprojekt (project engineer), OKB Gidropress (chief designer) and the All-Union Institute for Nuclear Power Plants. On the Ukrainian side, the Ukrainian State Comittee for Reactor Safety and Radiation Protection took part in the consultations.