(GRS 448) Qualification of the Code d³f++

A. Schneider, A. Gehrke, K.-P. Kröhn, H. Zhao

The code d³f++ is a modern tool for modelling density-driven flow and nuclide transport in the far field of repositories for hazardous material in deep geological formations. It is applicable in porous media as well as in fractured rock or mudstone, for modelling salt and heat transport as well as a free groundwater surface.
The objective of this work is proving the capability of code d³f++ to simulate correctly density-driven flow and pollutant transport in large scale, complex geological situations in order to improve the confidence in groundwater modeling in general. The applications
presented in this report are related to haline and thermohydraulic groundwater flow and transport in porous or fractured media. Among them are laboratory and field experiments as well as real site studies. The d³f++ results are verified by measurements or compared to the results of other density-driven flow codes.