(GRS 106) ISP 31: CORA-13 Experiment on Severe Fuel Damage

M. Firnhaber, K. Trambauer, S. Hagen et.al.

The severe fuel damage experiment CORA-13 has been offered as CSNI-International Standard Problem (lSP) No. 31 to the OECD member countries as well as to non-OECD countries. The out-of-pile experiment CORA-13 was executed in November 1990 at Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe. The major objectives of this experiment were to investigate the behavior of PWR fuel elements during early core degradation and fast cooldown due to refill. Measured quantities are boundary conditions, bundle temperatures, hydrogen generation and the final bundle configuration. The ISP was conducted as a blind exercise. Boundary conditions which could not be measured, but which are necessary for simplified test simulation (axial power profile, shroud insulation temperature, bundle refill flow) were estimated using ATHLET-CD. Results to the ISP were submitted by 9 participants.