GRS - The first 40 years


With the establishment of GRS 40 years ago, the founders provided the organisation with ambitious tasks for its journey ahead. It was said that the company shall position itself as an "independent, scientific and expert organisation, one that obliges itself to objectivity and expands its knowledge on nuclear safety (…) as well as promotes the discourse between scientific progress and public interest both in Germany and across the world". Furthermore, as already stated back then in our company charter, "particular questions about environmental protection and security research shall be addressed". When we use this brochure today to look back on what our colleagues have achieved since 1977, then we find that GRS has more than fulfilled its duties.
That applies above all to our traditional field of work. Here GRS can proudly claim to have furthered the safety and security of nuclear technology and waste management and with that, the continual protection of humankind and the environment. For example, many safety-enhancing upgrades are based on recommendations made by GRS in what has so far amounted to roughly 440 Information Notices. Amongst other things, the computer codes developed by GRS as a result of its own research satisfy the highest scientific standards and are used for safety assessments in Germany and also in many other countries, thus being a major contribution to nuclear safety.