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Title Author Yearsort ascending
(GRS 213) Evaluation of Fire Models for Nuclear Power Plant Applications GRS 2006
GRS Annual Report 2004/2005 Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) 2005
(GRS-IRSN 3) Safety State of the Sacrophagus GRS, IRSN 2005
Radioecology Project Synthesis Report GRS, IRSN 2005
(GRS 201) CROP - Cluster Repository Project Tilmann Rothfuchs, Johannes Droste, Horst-Jürgen Herbert, Klaus-Peter Kröhn, Klaus Wieczorek, Chunlinag Zhang 2004
(GRS 202) Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical and Geochemical Behaviour Chung-Liang Zhang, Tilmann Rothfuchs, Helge Moog, Jürgen Dittrich, Jürgen Müller 2004
(GRS 207) Ventilation Test at Mont Terri: Geoelectric Monitoring Tilmann Rothfuchs, Lothar Hartwig, Karsten Hellwald, Michael Komischke, Rüdiger Miehe, Klaus Wieczorek 2004
Safety Assessment Guide GRS, IRSN, AVN 2004
(GRS 208) Geoelectric Investigation of Bentonite Barrier Saturation Tilmann Rothfuchs, Rüdiger Miehe, Helge Moog, Klaus Wieczorek 2004
(GRS 199) Modelling the re-saturation of bentonite in final repositories in crystalline rock K.-P. Kröhn 2004