(GRS 228) Radionuclide transport modelling

André Rübel, Dirk-Alexander Becker, Eckhard Fein

The main focus of research for deep disposal of nuclear waste repositories in Germany has been on salt formations so far. For clay formations, one had to fall back on the experiences developed in other European countries e.g. Switzerland. A decision to consider
other host rock formations than salt for a potential waste repository for high level waste in Germany has lead to the necessity to acquire and enhance the knowledge about the safety-relevant processes in clay formations on a national level. In particular,
computer codes to perform integrated performance assessment calculations existed in Germany up to that time only for salt and crystalline rock and had to be developed also for waste repositories in clay formations. The necessary computer programs were developed, tested and a first integrated performance assessment calculation for a generic repository in clay formations was performed within the project “Development of an instrument to calculate the radionuclide transport in clay formations”, shorty titled “TONI”, which was financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).