(GRS 236) Values required for the simulation of CO2-storage in deep aquifers

Klaus-Peter Kröhn

The mathematical description of the flow of supercritical carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers is rather complex even if only the basic processes are considered. In the light of these complexities it is of vital importance to know the parameters and their
dependencies as precise as possible. The present report compiles therefore the parameters and the referring approaches from the literature. For each parameter the source, the range of validity, at least one meaningful figure, a comment where necessary
and conclusions with a view to the applicability of the formulation are also given. All required coefficients and auxiliary functions including the underlying dimensions are listed, too.
With this compilation an up-to-date set of mathematical formulations for fluid parameters to be used for modelling CO2-storage in deep aquifers is available allowing immediate application. Moreover, it gives information about their dependencies on temperature,
pressure and salinity.