(GRS 118) Reactor Safety in Eastern Europe - Papers presented at 8th GRS-Colloquium in Garching near Munich

Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit

One of the most important tasks the East·European countries have to cope with while establishing their new administrative and economic structures is to improve the safety of their nuclear power plants. Because of the international significance of reactor safety, the solution of this task is also of vital interest to Western industrial states. Before the reactor accident at Chernobyl very little was known about the design and operation of WWER and RBMK reactor types in the West. Only after the political change has a closer expert co-operation become possible. To improve the safety of nuclear power plants in Eastern Europe, national and international programmes have been initiated by Western industrial states. First successes have been achieved. Urgently needed measures to increase safety have been taken in several plants.