(GRS 214) Evaluation of Fire Models for Nuclear Power Plant Applications


As a part of the Nuclear Regulatory Investigation Program, the German iBMB (Institut für Baustoffe, Massivbau und Brandschutz) of Braunschweig University of Technology and GRS (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbH) participate in the ‘International Collaborative Project to Evaluate Fire Models for Nuclear Power Plant Applications” (ICFMP) for assessing and validating fire simulation codes for nuclear power plant applications. This assessment is being performed through benchmarking andvalidation exercises. The tests of Benchmark Exercise No. 5 simulate cable fire scenarios in a single compartment.A major objective of the actual cable fire experimental series is the investigation of the effects of a naturally ventilated fire on vertically routed cables (worst case) with different cable insulation materials (PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and FRNC (fire retardant noncorrosive)).Another important aspect of cable fires in nuclear power plants is the risk of functional failures. Therefore within these test series short circuits as well as loss of conductivity of the cables have been measured.