(GRS 120) OECD-NEA-CSNI International Standard Problem ISP36

M. Firnhaber, S.Yegorova, U. Brockmeier et al.

An OECD/NEA-CSNI International Standard Problem (ISP) has been performed on the experimental comparison basis of the severe fuel damage experiment CORA-W2. The out-of-pile experiment CORA-W2 was executed in February 1993 at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. The objective of this experiment was the investigation of the behavior of a Russian type PWR fuel element (VVER-1000) during early core degradation. The main difference between a Western type and a Russian type PWRbundle is the B4C absorber rod instead of AglnCd. Measured quantities are boundary conditions, bundle temperature, hydrogen generation and the final bundle configurations after cooldown. The ISP was conducted as a blind exercise. Boundary conditions(axial power profile, shroud insulation temperature) which could not be measured but which are necessary for test simulations were estimated using ATHLET-CD. Results to the ISP were submitted by 22 participants from OECD and non-OECD countries,using six different severe accident codes: ATHLET-CD, ICARE2, KESS-lII, MELCOR, RAPTA and SCDAP/RELAP5.