(GRS 187) Experimental Study of the Hydromechanical Behaviour of the Callovo-Oxfordian Argillites

Chun-Liang Zhang, Jürgen Dittrich, Jürgen Müller, Tilmann Rothfuchs

The MODEX-REP project (MOD – MODelling, EX – EXperiment, REP – REsponse to shaft (Puits) sinking) represents a European research project performed by the French Agence Nationale Pour la Gestion de Déchets Radioactifs (ANDRA). The project focuses on the development of constitutive models describing the coupled hydromechanical behaviour of the Callovo Oxfordian (CO) argillite at the Meuse-Haute Marne Underground Research Laboratory (MHM/URL) in eastern France.
The project comprises four work packages including (1) the development of the constitutive models by analysing surface laboratory tests, (2) the prediction of the rock mass response to shaft sinking, (3) the analysis of the in-situ-measurement results, and (4) the validation of the developed models by comparison of the predictions with the data measured during shaft sinking.